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The seal above is one of the author's personal seals. This particular one has been carved for him by Fung Hong-Hau, one of the master carvers of seals in the Twentieth Century.


The Author is happy to announce that the full text of Volume 3 of his family memoir, Hong Kong Confidential: Life as a Subversive is now available for free perusal or downloading in the Memoir section of this website. For those who wish to purchase a printed copy of the 532-page book please contact Blacksmith Books in Hong Kong at Free postage will be available for orders destined for Asian destinations.

Meanwhile the Author is working on the fourth volume of his family memoirs, which deals mainly with his experiences as the Managing Directer of an international trading company headquartered in Hong Kong and his pursuit for permission from the Chinese authorities to marry a Chinese girl who had been a leading light of the Communist Youth League in her home town of Nantong. The tentative title of the volume is: Love, Money and Friendships .

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The Author

TV Interview with David T.K. Wong after a book launch in Hong Kong in 1996

Also Lunch Beat Radio Interview in Hong Kong with David Wong in 2002 - (Click on arrowhead to listen to broadcast)